DEMTools from TerraSim®
DEMTools from TerraSim

DEMTools comes complete with a diverse set of functionality, but these features represent a high-level summary of the overall functionality:

  • Import a wide variety of elevation and vector data formats (DTED, GeoTIFF, GridASCII, GridFloat, USGS DEM, and Shapefile)
  • Fuse multiple elevation data files together to generate a single composite output DEM
  • Expand elevation data coverage by fusing adjacent elevation data
  • Arealize coastline linear vector data into polygonal ocean vector data
  • Flatten elevation data using existing or user generated polygonal vector data
  • Mask land elevation and bathymetric data together to generate a single composite output DEM
  • Generate elevation match points and perform DEM registration
  • Edit and manipulate existing vector data
  • Create and attribute vector data
  • Examine elevation and vector metadata
  • Export elevation and vector data to a variety of formats (GeoTIFF, GridASCII, GridFloat, and Shapefile)