TerraSim strives to provide universal support for past, present, and future simulation applications. Our products support the widest range of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes in the industry.

TerraTools automatically builds high-fidelity terrain databases from a variety of input cartographic data, imagery, and model content. The TerraTools project flow graph architecture allows you to compile, review, refine, and publish correlated terrain databases for use across visual, constructive, and serious game runtime applications.
Use an intuitive 2D interface to simplify the construction of geo-specific, enterable building models for Virtual Battlespace (VBS).
Combine, flatten, mask, and register digital elevation model (DEM) content and export to common GIS data formats.
Classify satellite imagery and export runtime-specific surface material maps to dictate entity mobility and routing, runtime visual effects, and sensor simulation.
Extract and export geospatial source data and model content from legacy terrain databases to common GIS and model formats for reuse.